Focus on nutrients

Focus on Nutrients is the largest single undertaking in Sweden to reduce losses of nutrients to air and water from livestock and crop production. The project also focuses on the safe use of crop protection products. Focus on Nutrients is a joint venture between The Swedish Board of Agriculture, The County Administration Boards, The Federation of Swedish Farmers and a number of companies in the farming business.

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The purpose of the project is to

  • reduce losses of the greenhouse gases; nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide
  • reduce losses of nitrate from farmland
  • reduce ammonia emissions from manure
  • reduce losses of phosphorus from farmland
  • avoid losses of pesticides into surface and groundwater
  • increase energy efficiency on farms

In order to fulfill these objectives the project focuses on increasing nutrient management efficiency by increasing awareness and knowledge. As the farmer is atfocus, the core of the project is centered around education and individual on-farm advisory visits.

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